Brandright comprises a passionate team of marketers and creatives, each person with deep specialised knowledge and expertise. Having worked at several big advertising agencies servicing many global blue-chip brands, our team has all the gained experience to push your brand forward.

Brandright was founded in 2016 by Andrew and Dylan, each bringing ten years of experience from working at global ad agencies Ogilvy and BBDO on big blue-chip brands solving their major marketing challenges.

Wanting to offer all-sized clients quality service but without the high price tag, they built a team and crafted a product suite to suit. Today they boast a squad of marketers and creatives, each dedicated to their skillset and improving their clients’ brands. Sitting outside the building is a network of specialists who get incorporated into the team for specific client engagements, bringing their unique expertise to the party.

The full team strives to deliver a consistent, high-quality level of service and an all-round exceptional customer experience. The agency seamlessly blends complex strategy, impactful creative conceptualisation and production, world-class website development, ATL, BTL,  digital media and efficient project management into a holistic, integrated offering. 

Our simple ambition is to enable more brands to achieve accelerated growth through effective marketing practices

Just imagine the possibilities if Brandright could get your brand right too.



After earning a BCom Honours degree in Business Management from Rhodes University, Andrew dedicated a decade to prominent roles at Ogilvy and BBDO, overseeing high-profile clients including AB InBev, Volkswagen, Cadbury, and Johnson & Johnson. His co-founding of Brandright alongside Dylan in early 2016 marks a pivotal chapter in his career. 


Dylan holds a BCom in Marketing from NMMU and an Honours degree from The Red & Yellow School of Advertising. Before co-founding Brandright with Andrew, he held management roles at Ogilvy and Instant Grass Consumer Insights, managing clients like AB InBev, Volkswagen, Nike, and Red Bull. He also led strategy at BBDO, overseeing clients including Distell, GSK, and Adidas. 

Senior Client Lead

A proud Stellenbosch University alumna, Maretha holds a BA in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics and a BCom Honours in Economics. Her curiosity about the world’s workings led her to pursue a Marketing and Advertising diploma at Red & Yellow, launching her advertising career. She managed and expanded accounts at BBDO and Ogilvy, later becoming Business Director in Ogilvy’s digital team. In 2018, she joined Brandright’s dynamic senior leadership team. 

Jessica Mc Luckie
Client Lead

Over the past three years, Jessica has been instrumental in guiding Brandright clients, both established and many from inception to successful launch. Her academic achievement includes the completion of a Strategic Brand Communication degree at Vega with distinction in 2020. She consistently places business and brand strategy at the forefront of her decision-making process, playing a pivotal role in our clients’ brand development. 

Graphic Designer

Anne is a conceptual designer and a strategic thinker, dedicated to crafting compelling design concepts infused with attention-grabbing messaging. In 2020, she successfully attained her BA in Graphic Design from Vega. Since then, she has been an invaluable asset to Brandright and our clients, spearheading the development of their design and visual identities. Her design approach is rooted in strategy and characterized by a contemporary aesthetic.

Client Lead

Helen, holding a major in Marketing and a comprehensive Honours degree in Strategic Brand Management from Vega, skilfully combines creativity with logic. In her current role at Brandright, she takes charge of guiding clients through their marketing communication journeys and campaigns, delivering tangible results. As a brand leader, she channels her passion towards environmental initiatives.

Social Media Manager

Arleen is a results-driven Social Media Manager with a track record of 3 years in the field and holds a BAHonours in Journalism from Stellenbosch University. Her core strengths lie in adaptability, proactivity, and an insatiable curiosity. She has a deep passion for content creation and writing. Grounded in data-driven strategies, she constantly endeavours to enhance the online presence and brand positioning of Brandright’s clients within the dynamic social media landscape. 

Client Lead

Jager is a resolute and influential client lead, leveraging exceptional communication abilities and a collaborative team-oriented approach allowing him to excel at Brandright since completing his Strategic Brand Communication degree at Vega in 2022. Clients highly regard him for his unwavering reliability, valuable insights, and an optimistic perspective that he brings to every interaction. 

Website Design & Development
Oliver is a versatile creative professional boasting 8 years of extensive experience in the realms of Web Design & Development, WordPress, and SEO. His technical prowess is firmly anchored in WordPress Development, encompassing HTML5, CSS3, Theme Development & Customisation, WooCommerce, and Performance Optimization. Above and beyond, he is an inventive developer with a discerning design acumen that places user experience at the forefront of his work.
Mia Stainbank
Client Lead
Mia joined Brandright after excelling in her final-year at the Vega School in Pretoria, achieving her BCom in Digital Marketing. With a penchant for fun and a heart for responsibility, Mia embodies the qualities of a conscientious and responsible individual. Her enthusiasm and diligence make her an invaluable team player, while her marketing skillset positions her as a capable leader in steering client brands towards success.
Sian Clarke
Graphic Designer
Introducing Sian, a talented graphic designer from Cape Town. With a background in visual communication from The Red & Yellow Creative School of Business, Sian brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her craft. Driven by the desire to produce meaningful, functional, and impactful creative work, Sian’s passion extends to exploring diverse styles and creative expressions through illustration and photography. She is not just a designer, she is an artist poised to leave a lasting impression in the world of design.
Christine Latchiah
PPC Specialist
Christine is an experienced digital marketing specialist with 4 years’ experience in PPC. Proficient in planning, executing, and optimising online paid marketing campaigns, she excels in leveraging diverse paid digital strategies to promote products and services effectively. With a track record of success, Christine’s performance-driven approach is highly valued by Brandright’s clients, benefitting from her expertise in the paid digital domain.

Why Consider BRANDRIGHT?

Strategy Focused

We’re a strategy-lead agency as we believe strategy affects everything. Whether you’re refining your brand, launching new products, addressing new target markets or running new advertising campaigns, solid strategic thinking should be at the forefront of the engagement.


Our internal team and specialist talent network are all best of breed, having worked with global brands and through this, receiving multiple international accolades. Our resource model allows for flexibility in resource capacity – enabling us to efficiently deliver during output-intensive periods of work. Our unique agency business model, incorporating low overheads and a compact head count, results in maximum value for money for our clients, ensuring every marketing Rand spent works hard for the brand.


Running impactful and memorable communication campaigns is a core strength and the reason many brands come from far and wide to work with us. From impactful above-the-line media-lead campaigns to digital-only cost-effective campaigns, we can help get your brand out there, right.


Our team has solid industry knowledge gained by working with large, medium and small companies, both locally and internationally based, offering B2B and B2C products and services, across most industries and sectors. Our experience can help your brand no matter where you are on your marketing journey.


We love point of sale, the “golden mile”, where consumers make some big decisions about brand selection. We understand this powerful channel, and through valuable experience, have worked out how best to make it deliver for our clients.

Rebranding Services | Transform Your Brand with Brandright, Cape Town, Johannesburg, South Africa.


An inconvenient truth is that many ad agencies focus on making award-winning ads. They talk about how creativity will change the world and how creativity is directly linked to effectiveness and profits. We don’t subscribe to this belief. We believe a fantastic piece of advertising is one part of marketing success. Strategy, insights, creative concepts, messaging, advertising design, production, media channel selection, campaign management, gained learnings – all contribute to a successful campaign. Sure, we love making break-through advertising but this forms only one piece of the puzzle. We like being involved in the full puzzle build.


Our job from day one is to get marketing working hard for you. We want to see an increase in leads, more applications, and more sales. We want to show you that marketing does not have to be an expense, but rather an asset. The more you invest, the more the reward.