Digital Campaign

Get your brand out there using the right strategy, the right creative elements and the right digital communication channels. Brandright is a digital marketing agency with a proven track record of creating compelling digital campaigns that drive results.

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Running a successful digital campaign is not a simple task. But having your brand crystal clear, your messaging on point, your target market defined, your advertising creative well-designed, your customer touch-points looking their best and your channels correctly selected, all improve success rates. A digital campaign done well, results in informed, qualified leads landing at your website, primed to engage.

We’ll initiate the project by hosting a workshop from which Brandright will develop and then deliver a Communication Strategy to connect your brand to the right target markets. This strategy informs which channels to use and at what budget levels to achieve campaign KPI’s. Channels could include Digital Media, Paid Social Media, Organic Social Media, SEO and Email Marketing but could be complimented by other supporting channels like PR, Direct Marketing, Above-The-Line Advertising, Events and Activations, to name a few. 

Brandright’s digital marketing agency specializes in delivering innovative solutions for your online success. From cutting-edge web design and development to strategic digital marketing campaigns, we empower businesses to thrive in the digital landscape.

Digital Media

Digital Media typically serves advertising to targeted customers on a pay-per-click basis. Google Search Ads, Google Display Ads (across the Google Network of sites), YouTube ads and Gmail ads, all make up the majority of digital media channels. Managing various creative ads, bidding for search key words, optimizing messaging and budgets, all require specialized expertise to achieve superior results.


Social Media

Social Media often covers three distinctive channel options: Paid Social Media, Organic Social Media and Influencer Campaigns. Paid Social Media comprises sponsored ads shared across social media platforms, similar to Digital Media channels. Organic Social Media is about building a network of brand enthusiasts and fans to communicate with on a regular basis. Influencer Campaigns require using a influencer or group of influencers to showcase your product positively amongst their personal social networks. Each of these channels have differing roles to play. The most popular social media channels include Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and TikTok.


Search Engine Optimisation is about convincing Google that your brand (and therefore your website) is an authority on specific relevant subjects, which warrant high rankings on the search results page. Appearing as “the answer” to a customer’s query is powerful and results in a high volume of clicks to your website. SEO requires constant work monthly, covering both “on-site” and “off-site” activities. Setting up your Google My Business profile correctly with SEO in mind can drive many organic leads to your website. Important to note, that even with a new SEO’ed website, search engine optimization is a continuous requirement. SEO takes time before delivering tangible results but when it does, believe us, it’s so worth it.

Content Development

While not necessarily a channel, content development plays a crucial part in any digital campaign. Content comes in all shapes and sizes: from 3-minuite videos to 5-second YouTube pre-roll videos, from gifs to static social posts, from dynamic search and display ads to long-form written content, each piece of content requires specialist work to ensure campaign effectiveness.

Campaign KICKOFF

Once the communication strategy has been approved, we’ll roll out the relevant digital creative elements to be used within the campaign. Then, we’ll kick off an initial 6-month campaign with monthly performance reports and meetings scheduled to discuss learnings, improvements and how best to optimise the campaign to increase performance.

Just imagine the possibilities if Brandright could get your brand right too.