Advertising Campaign

Get your brand out there using the right strategy, the right creative elements and the right communication channels. Brandright is an advertising agency with a proven track record of success. Leveraging big and small business experience to launch impactful advertising campaigns  Trust Brandright to create compelling campaigns that drive results.

Running a successful advertising campaign is not a simple task. But having your brand crystal clear, your messaging on point, your target market defined, your advertising creative well-designed and produced, your customer touch-points looking their best and your media channels correctly selected, all improve success rates.


An advertising campaign done well by a seasoned advertising agency, results in informed, qualified leads landing at your door, primed to engage. We’ll initiate the project by hosting a workshop from which Brandright will develop and then deliver a Communication Strategy to connect your brand to the right target markets. This strategy informs which channels to use and at what budget levels to achieve campaign KPI’s.


Channels could include Above-The-Line Advertising like TV, Radio, Out of Home, Press and Print as well as other supportive channels like Digital Media, Social Media, SEO, PR, Direct Marketing, Email Marketing, Events and Activations, to name a few. A Media Strategy, developed by our media partner Mediology, will from part of the Communication Strategy.


Once the strategy has been approved, we’ll develop the creative big idea and then roll out the relevant creative elements to be used within the campaign. This could include writing TV and radio scripts as well as designing out-of-home or print layouts. Followed by producing the TV ads and radio spots or photographing models and designing graphics for magazines and billboards.


Once we have all the creative elements looking professional and consistent, we’ll kick off an initial campaign with monthly performance reports and meetings scheduled to discuss learnings, improvements and how best to optimise the campaign to increase performance.

Just imagine the possibilities if Brandright could get your brand right too.