Marketing Strategy

As a marketing agency, we firmly believe that developing a considered marketing strategy is crucial to achieve your marketing ambitions. Our marketing strategy consists of two interconnected pieces: a brand strategy and a communication strategy.

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To kick-start the process we will facilitate a 4-hour Freedive Workshop with you and your team. This allows us to develop your Brand Blueprint, a 1-page piece of foundational brand strategy. This is your holy grail, guiding all brand and marketing-related decisions of your business. This includes defining your brand positioning (what you stand for), your target market, competitor set, customer benefits, how your brand stacks up and key message to take to market.

Connect with your target market

Once your brand has been properly defined and messaging clarified, Brandright will deliver a communication strategy to connect your brand to the right target markets. This strategy tells you where best to spend your available budget to reach your market and achieve results. Budget, objectives and timings will influence the communications strategy.

Just imagine the possibilities if Brandright could get your brand right too.