Website Design & Development

A brand’s website should be the epicentre of its customers’ online activities. Prospective customers are almost always seeking additional information and if handled correctly, a well-designed website can generate a substantial volume of quality leads, enquiries, applications and sales. We build brand-reflecting, hard-working, lead-generating websites using six best-practice principles.


Beyond credibility, figuring out your website’s purpose is important. A site needs to achieve something e.g. gathering leads, driving sales, attracting talent or engaging customers. We build websites based on their intended purpose.

Responsive Design

A website needs to be responsive; in other words, it needs to be viewable and navigable on every screen size.

Search Engine Optimisation

It needs to include Search Engine Optimisation fundamentals so it can be easily found and ranked by Google.

UX​ Design

The User Experience (UX) throughout your website needs to be simple and straightforward, ensuring that customers don’t get lost and bounce from your website prematurely.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics needs to be incorporated  as this will provide us with important data to make improvements to the site, as well as measure future campaign effectiveness.

The 10 Minute Read

Most importantly, we must offer a 10-minute read. We need to land key points so that an informed user performs a desired action e.g. completing the contact form, picking up the phone, or sending an email.

We’ll kick off with a Website Workshop, enabling our Web Developers to design the website wireframes for structure and UX purposes. Then, we’ll write website copy, begin website design, and finally move into the website development phase of the project. Your new website will be responsive so it works on any screen size, feature SEO fundamentals and most importantly, it will be built to achieve powerful results for your business.

Just imagine the possibilities if Brandright could get your brand right too.