As the world changes and businesses grow, so too does your brand. Every once in awhile, brands need to be refreshed or re-branded to stay relevant. Brandright’s rebrand programme can help both new and established businesses, B2B, B2C, across every industry and every size of business. We give your brand the flex it needs to keep up with the world. With a quarter-century of strategic brand work behind us, Brandright has the experience to pivot your brand, taking it to new heights.

Is this for me?

If you are an SME owner or director, wanting to step-change your marketing activity and redefine your business for the better, generating annual revenue between R5m and R200m ($500k to $20m), this is for you.


In Brandright’s rebrand programme, we spend time understanding you, your business and ambitions, allowing us to put crucial strategic brand foundations in place. From there, we tweak or entirely overhaul the look of your brand to ensure that it matches your ambitions. This includes assets like business stationery, your website, and brochureware elements. We work out the best ways to connect your refined brand with its potential customers through a marketing strategy and then connect you with one of our trusted agency partners to develop relevant advertising creative material and to implement an advertising campaign.

OK, so what do I get?

What we do works. Our process has been tried and tested and results in high-quality, sustainable brands. This methodology is made up of three phases, namely: Brand, Build and Bind.

Phase 1


  1. 1Brand Blueprint: To kick-start the process we will facilitate a 4-hour Free Dive Workshop with you and your team. This allows us to develop your Brand Blueprint - a 1-page piece of foundational brand strategy. This is your holy grail, guiding all brand and marketing-related decisions for your business. This includes defining the brand positioning (what you stand for), your target market, competitor set, personality, and values as well as the key message to take to market at launch.
  2. 2Brand Name: Once the brand has been clearly defined we will embark on a name generation exercise (if your business doesn’t already have one). We’ll provide you with name options to consider, each linking to the brand blueprint to help you achieve your goals.
    *Please note: we ask that website URL domain name search and bookings, as well as any trademark requirements, are performed by you.
  3. 3Brand Logo: Built off the brand blueprint, Brandright will then develop three strategically reflective and objective logo options for you to choose from.
  4. 4Brand Style Guide: Based on the approved logo we will develop a comprehensive Brand Style Guide in which will define the look of your brand. This guides all internal and customer-facing designs and communication, including correct logo usage, the brand’s colour palette, typography, use of imagery and general design style. All in all, this is the document every designer working on your brand will work from, to ensure your brand always looks its best.

Phase 2


  1. 5Business Stationery: Incorporating the Brand Style Guide, we will design a collection of essential business stationery, including your business card*, letterhead design and email signature design in PNG format**.
    *Business card printing costs will be quoted separately.
    **For businesses with a high staff count, we recommend an HTML email signature builder tool which would be an additional surcharge.
  2. 6New Website: Next we will build a simple*, branded, hard-working, lead-generating website to engage your customers. This will include designing the website wireframes (for structure and UX purposes), website copy or wording, website design and finally website development. The site will be responsive so it works on any screen size and will incorporate basic SEO features. Most importantly, your website will be built to actually achieve results for your business.
    *Please note: for more complicated or functionality-rich websites, we’re able to assist but an additional surcharge will be quoted.
  3. 7Sales Brochure: Lead by the website content, Brandright will design a sales brochure. This will be a tangible printed brochure*, to act as a meeting leave-behind and an emailable PDF brochure for digital communication.
    *Brochure printing costs will be quoted separately.

Phase 3


  1. 8Marketing Strategy: Now that the brand has been properly defined and you have all your key assets in place, Brandright will deliver a Marketing Strategy to connect your new brand to the right target market. This strategy tells you where best to spend your available budget to reach your market and achieve results. Budget, objectives, and timings will influence this marketing strategy.
  2. 9Agency Selection: Based on the marketing strategy we will recommend an appropriate agency partner to develop the creative “big idea”, any advertising creative required, manage the launch campaign and become the official agency on record.

Please note: the full set of deliverables listed will be provided. This approach and every item has been proven to deliver the best results.

Time Frame and Payment

The full process will take 4-months to deliver and is payable over 4 equal monthly instalments in advance. A clear, detailed timing plan will be provided upfront to hold us all accountable and keep your brand surging forward.

Is this speaking your language?

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